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Paddy Power Bingo is great UK based bingo website that has a lot of promotions to offer you and your friends. Upon entering the website, you are shown just how dedicated this online bingo site is, you get 200% cash back just for making your first deposit. Don’t worry about being lucky, because just for new members if you lose, you get another cash back bonus. That’s not all, at Paddy Power Bingo; you get a 50% cash back bonus for every deposit you make after your first. Every Wednesday, you get one bingo ticket when you buy one, which means you play FREE bingo! With all of these promotions, you have no reason to be skeptical, you will always have something there as incentive to remain a member of Paddy Power Bingo, and why should you expect less? Another fun thing about Paddy Power Bingo is that with their loyalty program you can get cash back just for playing and being a loyal member, who doesn’t love free money?

paddy power bingo

The games at Paddy Power Bingo are enough to keep your mind occupied for hours on end. Not only do they offer the ever-popular 90 ball bingo, but they also have a treasure chest of other games like snake eyes dice, Cluedo, Fear Factor (based on the popular television show), Deal or No Deal Scratch cards, Video Poker, and even Blackjack. These games are all pretty well known, so they aren’t too difficult to pick up and learn and they are a great way for you to meet people.

The community at Paddy Power Bingo is really friendly so if you need help in one of the games, all you have to do is ask and almost always there will be a nice veteran to help explain things to you. This community is also there for you if you need advice about things happening at home, or even if you just want to meet some good friends and have some pleasant conversation. Paddy Power Bingo is a great place to experience the social interaction you’ve been looking for while you sit in the comfort of your own home. So don’t be shy, go check out Paddy Power Bingo and strike up an interesting conversation, who knows maybe you will be like many of the members involved already and make a lifelong friendship.

If you’re worrying about security, take heed in the fact that Paddy Power Bingo uses encryption to keep your informational details safe. You are asked to fill out a few details upon sign up, this is for your safety, the more they know the more they can confirm before giving your password if someone else tries to be you. Not only do they keep your information safe, but if you do have any problems you can use their 24/7 live chat support or if you want to you can call their toll free number to speak to a trained staff member who can help you figure out whatever it is that you are concerned about. If those two ways don’t sound appealing, you can always ask your fellow bingo mates.